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Low Latency Project
Like the rest of the world, the pandemic presented the NJGMC with the challenge of bringing our membership together without an in-person option. While Zoom has been the answer for many organizations, the audio transmission delays made it impossible to sing together rhythmically. With a lot of work inspired by Artistic Director, Sarah Michal, and led by chorus member David Liao, we found that low-latency technology minimized audio delays enough to allow members to sing and listen to each other at the same time. At the end of 2020, chorus members started using Soundjack software to transmit super low-latency audio. In the spring of 2021, we started using LiveLab software to transmit low-latency video as well.

Click here to view the recording of "Making Music Using Low-Latency Technology in the New Jersey Gay Men's Chorus" to find out how the NJGMC managed to remain an active singing chorus during the 18 month pandemic related hiatus. This Mudd Talk was sponsored by Harvey Mudd College and presented by our Conductor and Artistic Director, Sarah Michal, and Dr. David Liao, NJGMC Bass Section Singing Member.

For additional details on the NJGMC's low-latency project, visit

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